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Jumpstart is a service designed specifically for alumni of "The Marketing Academy". We assist the dealer with thier 30, 60 and 90 day action plans by performing a variety of necessary tasks. We support everything from the most basic of services through full dealer analysis.
The Marketing Academy
Program Details

Each plan is geared toward one franchise. Multi-franchised dealerships should contact The Dealer Resource for group discount information. Contact us for pricing.


Bronze – Market Analysis

Customized market analysis report which will fulfill the mirror (market potential), model and market requirement of the “ Marketing Academy” process cycle.

  • Dealerships PMA by Make/Model/New/Used
  • Ad expense trending
  • Current Market Penetration


  • Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Markets by Year/Make/Model
    • Includes competitive dealerships locations
    • Demographic Data
  • Market Sales vs. Dealer Sales
  • Market share overall vs. Dealer market share


  • Market Share vs. Model Sales (by model and overall)
  • Market Share by Model vs. Overall Market Share

TMA Spreadsheets Completed (requires minimum dealer input)

Spreadsheets Supplied

  • Dealership Potential / Goals
  • Inventory Timeline and Defined Market
  • Understanding Opportunities
  • Targeting Your Customers (Dealer must define message)
  • Demographic Tier Group Market Share Analysis (overall market share vs. tier group market share)

Summary Analysis

  • Interpretation of supplied data
  • Recommendations where appropriate


Silver – Bronze plus onsite visit


  • Internal
    • Managers (Brand awareness, evangelists)
    • General Employee’s (brand awareness, communication)


  • Address
  • Developer
  • Costs


  • Samples of last 3 months of creative
  • Invoices for last 12 months
  • Media Cost Analysis by Model (TMA worksheets)

Manufacture Data

  • Ad expense in market
  • Co-op
  • Ad covenant book
  • MFG assigned PMA


Complete market report from bronze level plus media analysis, recommendations for internal and external communication and review of current first impressions.


  • Market Share vs. Media
  • Market Share by Model vs. Media
  • Model Sales vs. Media
  • Primary/Secondary Markets by Media
  • Demographic Tier Market Share by Media
  • Monthly Ad Budget vs. Media


Media Analysis

  • Cost analysis for:
    • Newspaper
    • Direct Mail
    • Radio
    • Outdoor
    • Cable
    • Broadcast TV
  • Affidavit Tracking
    • By media type (Radio, Cable, Broadcast)


Gold- Silver plus mystery shopping, CRM analysis

  • Phone Mystery Shopper
  • Onsite Mystery Shopper
  • Competitive Mystery Shopper (must have completed above data prior to determining competition)


  • Advertising reports
  • Profile reports
  • Follow-up settings
    • Sample of all letters or scripts


  • Survey data entry


Full analysis from Silver level plus data entry for autoadmax surveys, review of CRM processes and recommendations, full local shopping analysis to determine strengths and weaknesses.



Platinum – Gold plus on street interviews, monthly monitoring of expenses for 6 months

On Street Interviews

  • Edited 100 Street Interviews (Video)
  • Summary report of findings

Marketing expense report and trending

  • Find the hidden expenses in your advertising
  • Eliminate the waste


Gold level plus on-street interviews and expense monitoring.

Media Master
A Supplement to AutoAdMax
The Dealer Resource provides a detailed, customized solution that fits your advertising analysis needs.
• Weekly/Monthly Reporting
• Data input
• Media Recommendations/Buying
• Agency Services
• Custom Solutions


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